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In today’s global world, your Social IQ is a vital and strategic tool that helps to open doors, gain access to people and ideas, project stature, and communicate effectively.  Awareness of the social codes of a work environment and respectfully employing them can shape relationships and often determine whether one is hired, fired, or promoted.  Knowing the rules of engagement, spoken and unspoken, is a key to navigating any environment with confidence, ease, and grace.

In our global society, technology may expedite communication, but the driving force in today’s marketplace is still the power of interpersonal relationships.  How one interacts and relates to people can deepen these relationships, increasing one’s opportunities for success and, ultimately, affecting the bottom line. 

Respect for the diversity of others and presenting oneself in a respectful and dignified manner are important elements in the communication process and the flow of ideas.  The art of treating others well not only impacts the civility of a work environment and the level of productivity, it is an essential quality of leadership. 

Social skills, social intuition and awareness of self and others are fundamental ingredients in creating a polished professional image that can make or break one’s career.  A highly attuned Social IQ is a lifelong ability that promotes self-confidence, a competitive edge, and overall effectiveness, thus, increasing one’s opportunity for success.


Sara Hacala & Associates provides full-service training and seminars in all aspects of business etiquette, manners, and civility for corporate personnel, university students, organizations, and individuals who aspire to elevate their social skills, polish their professional image, and sharpen their competitive edge.

Helping people achieve personal success in their lives is more than our mission; it is our passion.

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